Many methods state “If you do X,Y,Z, than you should be able to play the tuba.” However, I’ve spent many hours in the practice room banging away at these exercises, and seeing minimal progress for the amount of time I was investing. This led to frustration during my college years, and I knew there must be something I was missing.

During my years of study, I have had the privilege to study with some amazing players and teachers.  Each of these teachers had different methods to achieve their success, but I started to realize there were some similar concepts that ran throughout all of their approaches.

The exercises contained on these pages are not meant to be the one and only method, just what I have found that works best for me.  I have developed these exercises with a reverse-engineering approach. Let me explain a bit more…I took what was required of me on the tuba and worked that approach backwards into my warm-ups and daily routine. I’ve found that this enables a smoother transition between the daily routine and literature that I may be working on at the same time.